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Yeah so I'm just gonna list all my quiz results of who I am...
Slytherin, Jasmine, Snape, Mr. Potatohead, Loki, Mort, Kitty Pryde, Maleficent, Westley, Darth Vader, Hans, Two-Face Batman Villain, Night's Watch, Ben Wyatt, Haymitch, Princess Danielle, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Cady Heron, Pippin, The Mandarin Marvel Villain, Captain Hook, Eeyore, Lady Tremaine Cinderella Character, Augustus Gloop, Allison the basket case, Rizzo for Grease character, The Dr. Seuss fish, Dory Pixar hero, The Wizard of Oz Musical, Kip, Dory Finding Nemo character, Norman Bates for Hitchcock character
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Bench collapse provides funniest team picture of all time


imageImage via Twitter/@teamthirtythree

Derry City were posing for their official team picture this past week when suddenly the bench in the first row collapsed. We all owe whoever was able to take a snapshot of the carnage a huge “Thank You.”

The second attempt went much more smoothly:

H/T Yahoo!Sports